What We Do


In Omega, our vision is to seek the most lucrative opportunities that would create utmost value for our portfolio companies, in turn, yielding alpha returns for our investors


Omega’s mission is to show continuous commitment to build and maintain longstanding relationships with our investors and partners based on mutual benefit, transparency, professionalism, and high standards of integrity


Selection Process:

Portfolio companies will be sourced based on strategic sectors, size, scalability of the business model, and strategic partnerships with founders that will contribute to utmost value creation for all stakeholders

  • Size: targets must meet the minimum annual revenue threshold of EGP 100M. Our sweet spot is within the range of EGP 200 – 500M
  • Competitive Advantage: companies that are either currently or aspiring to have:
    1. Cost leadership
    2. Product differentiation
    3. Niche market focus
  • Scalability of the business model: targets must be operating in growing industries and have a strong capability to expand
  • Solid Management: we seek to establish long-term relationships with energetic and knowledgeable management teams to trigger organizational growth
  • Exit: Omega will acquire a stake based on its targets’ financial requirements with a clear exit methodology through either an IPO or trade sale


Omega selects it’s set of industries based on Egypt’s macroeconomic direction and growth stimulators, including:

  • Agribusiness
  • FMCG
  • Health Care (Hospitals, Pharmacies, Diagnostics)
  • Real Estate (Developers and RE Assets)
  • Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar energy)


  • Each target company selected, will undergo an assessment phase which will focus on identifying the size and scalability of the sector the company operates in, along with the financial and operational assessment of the company
  • At this phase, OC will assess or co-develop the strategy for the target along with the yearly business plans that will help achieve it. Based on which a financial requirement will be identified and secured
  • Is the implementation phase through which a proper governance structure will be installed in the target along with a PMO (Project Management Office) which will define and monitor KPI’s for all departments
  • On average OC’s investment period ranges between 5-7 years after which OC will make an exit through offering its shares in the capital markets


  • Sourcing target companies
  • Securing the required funds for targets to achieve its business plan
  • Pre-transaction: structuring, due-diligence, negotiations and execution of legal agreements
  • Post-transaction: representing our shareholders best interests at the board level, monitoring and guiding business performance and devising optimal exit strategy